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pre>Started in 1978, Aum shares passion and dedication in teaching one of the oldest form of art known to mankind - BharthaNatyam, a traditional Indian dance. This style of dance emerged in the southern part of India in the early 17th century along with yoga and is known to have a lot of similarities with yoga mudras and postures.While there are a lot of styles that exists in BharathaNatyam, Aum specializes in researching, understanding, cherishing, mastering and then teaching the oldest style of BharthaNatyam - The Tanjore Style. Under the title "Art and Heart", Aum is also researching and learning how fine arts affect both the physical and mental aspects of Human Body. Motivation:  To research the divinity and science behind ancient arts and to teach/perform from the roots, the ancient form of Indian classical dance: BharathaNatyam
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